Mobile Printing Solutions

The paperless office isn't here quite yet. There are still many use cases for priting in todays business world and more needs to control and manage those resources in an affordable and sensible way.

How you provide printing to your mobile enabled workforce will vary according to your size, working styles and regulatory needs.
Our mobile priting solutions provide a fully managed, easily integrated and feature rich solution that users will find easy to use and manage.

No complicated setup or need to pre-install or discover printers.
Our Geo-printing integration means you can walk up to a printer and release a job to it just by being close to it. Of course you can send a job to a known printer too if you wish to.
Print jobs can be ququed and then released at another time and can be cancelled just as easily.

  • Avoid complicated printer setup
  • Print to the nearest device using proximity technology
  • No need to buy new printers or wi-fi enable old printers
  • Use your existing print-fleet and management tools

  • This is a print solution that makes sense!


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